• Whats Hot at Kid Station

    11 June at 08:32 from atlas

    Kid Station where parents are valued and appreciated as much as the children.

    We deliver on promises, no short cuts taken.

    Children s safety is our #1 priority then all the fun we can manage.

    Manners and Kindness are always practiced and expected.

    Children all share and watch out for each other, a great way for your child to make friends and be a buddy to a smaller child.

    Kid Station October 2015 Holiday programm

    Daily prizes, giveaways, games, entertainment.

    All food provided, no hidden costs. Senior management onsite at all times.

    Kid Station acknowledges and is grateful to the Ministry Of Social Development for assistence in running this programme and is please to employ very good staff with the skills to match. Rewarding staff for their efforts is very important.